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Myeik or Mergui Archipelago






It is located in Adman sea, the very south of Myanmar and includes over 800 pleasant and enchanting tropical islands. The area is covering about 36 000 sq km and one of the last untouched diving spots in the world. It was reopened in 1997 to the foreigners and today it is a “must” for those who are serious sea lover.

This mysterious area has been long isolated and offers now the possibility of hundreds of new dive sites which are more exciting than the others one.

The another fascinating part of this area is the beauty of the islands themselves with crystal clear water, blue sky, sunshine, hundreds of island, most of which are surrounded by the white sandy beaches. Some are pinnacle and small rocky islands. The birds are plentiful and the nature is intact and in harmony.


The Burma Banks flatten out at just over 20 metres with little in the way of shallow features so nitro is a popular choice. Scuba diving at the Burma Banks means beautiful expansive sea fans and some of the most pristine hard coral formations you will ever see. There is a timeless beauty to diving here and you get the feeling the underwater scenery has changed little for years and years.

Black Rock is an islet with steep walls past which swim a procession of exciting creatures including a variety of rays and sharks. Add to this excitement the wonder of an area of boulders featuring a profusion of soft corals and a shallow section of tube corals where all manner of crabs, urchins and other little creatures call home and you can see why many consider Black Rock to be the finest diving in Myanmar.

Shark Cave plays home to a group of nurse sharks although the entrance is often crowded with grey reef sharks and sweet lips. Swimming through the cave you will notice the highly decorated floor (yellow sponges) and ceiling (marigold cup corals). Despite the sharks the devil is in the detail here with Durban dancing shrimps, moray eels, cowries, sea slugs and more all adding to the entertainment.

Tower Rock features breathtaking topography with large submerged boulders and walls of rock vaulting high into the water column. The walls are studded with corals and fans providing shelter for spiny lobsters, banded shrimps, oysters and clams. However the manta rays are the stars of this particular show flying effortlessly past the impressive seascape.

Salon or Moken

The only people you can see in this area are Salon, said descendants of Indian nomadic Moken from Adman Island but no exact record. They name their self as Moken. These sea gipsies live in their small boat, with their households including dog, cats and chicken. But during the rainy season when the weather is strong and rough, they manage to stay slovenly on the nearest island they could find by building stilt house in the sea along the coast. They are expert divers and living from fishing and searching of natural products such as pearls, seaweeds, seashells, oysters, molluscs, ambergris, etc.
The Salon nomads are animists and the worship to the good and the evil spirit. Shamanism is the central element during the spirit festival. They used to sing at the festival and they are talent in singing at hand to the scenes what is happening at right time. The rites and rituals at the festival were done by the shaman.

We are happy to organize your exotic and fascinating trip to those mysterious Islands. It is your dream trip for those who love kayaking and diving.

Extand your tour with kayaking in Mergui Archipelago.

Yangon_Kawthaung_Mergui Archipelago (6days) Kayaking trip click here!

The excursion includes:
-All on board meals including soft drinks
-Overnight accommodation on board and a desert island
-Exploration of over 6 uninhabited Islands
-Free use of Kayaks
-Free use of snorkelling equipment
-All activities
-Professional tour guide
Here you will experience the exotic Myanmar’s marine life, blue sky, clear blue water, white sand beaches and exotic birds under plenty of sunshine and relaxation.

We propose 5 to 8 days tour with a private boat to Mergui Archipelago diving tours from Ranaung or Kawthaung to explore 9 to more than 20 dive sites.

Diving in Myanmar trip
You will experience four types of diving environment: 1.Inshore fringing reefs where the visibility is often poor but diversity of marine life is unsurpassed; 2.Offshore fringing reefs where the visibility is much better and the coral is healthier; 3.Pinnacles and small rocky islands which attract the larger marine life such as Rays and Sharks; 4.The banks which attract the different types of marine life together.

Experience the untouched diving sites in Myanmar while exploring the nature environment in Mergui Archipelago. It is really amazing!!!

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