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General Facts

Union of Myanmar (Burma)
Myanmar was very isolated with the outside world for years. It is the second largest in South-East Asia and 40th largest country in the world, situated in South East Asian, has 7 divisions and 7 states. Myanmar is the union of different ethnic which has its own languages and dialects. It is home to the 135 tribes.

676, 577 sq km

Border Countries
Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.

Nay Pyi Taw

The largest City
Yangon, formal capital with over 5 Millions populations.

Second Largest City
Mandalay, the last Royal kingdom, about 1.5 millions populations.

Main national races
Bamar(68%), Shan, Chin, Mon, Karin, Kachin, Kayah and Rakhine made up of 135 tribes officially.

+ 54.3 millions

Buddhist (89%), Christian (4%), Muslin (2%), Hindu (2%), Animist (1%).

Burmese (office used) and others + 100 languages.


220 volt

Calling code

Time zone
GMT +6h 30

Independence day
Jan 4, 1948 (from United Kingdom)

Natural resources
Natural gas, Hydropower, Petroleum, Timber, Tin, Copper, Zinc, Antimony, Lead, Coal, Tungsten, Marble, Limestone, Precious Stone, especially Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, Pearl. Myanmar ruby and jade are very famous because of its qualities.

Highest snow-capped Mountain
Hkakabo Razi, 5881 m or 19296 ft, in northern Myanmar which streams from Himalya slopes and the highest peak in South-East Asia.

Longest River
Ayeyarwaddy, 2170 km

Ethnic Group in Myanmar
Myanmar is the most ethnically mixed country in South East Asia. There are 8 major ethnic groups which belong to 135 tribes officially. Bamar Group includes 9 tribes. Kachin Group; 12 tribes Kayah Group; 9 tribes Kayin Group; 11 tribes Chin Group; 53 tribes Mon Group; 1 tribe Rakhine Group; 7 tribes Shan Group; 33 tribes

89% of population are followers of Buddhism and there is a freedom of worship for other religions, Christianity: 4%, Islam: 2%, Hinduism: 2% and others 1%. You will see the Buddhist temples and pagodas, Hindu Temples, Church, Mosques and monasteries in the cities. Of course there are large number of Buddhist temples and pagodas everywhere in Myanmar. The people are deeply pious and religion plays a vital role in a typical Myanmar life. Every Buddhist young boy or man is expected to be a temporarily monk or novice life at least once in his lifetime. And a few Buddhist girls or women enter to the nun life order too. There are about 400 000 monks in Myanmar.


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