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Festivals in Myanmar

Most festivals are held on the full moon day annually. It can be last 2 days to 3 weeks. Some festivals are held with theatre and temporary market, entertainers, magicians, puppeteers, musicians, fortune-tellers, etc. Here are some famous festivals in Myanmar.

Ananda Pagoda festival (Bagan): It is held in the tenth month of Myanmar calendar and one of the most popular pagoda festivals in Myanmar. It is worth for visitors to see the customs of the villagers and to visit the temporary Pagoda market. They sell various kinds of local products.

Ma Naw festival: It is a reunion of all Kachin tribes. The festival is held in Myitkyina on 10 Jan, national day of Kachin State. Each group dress up in their traditional costumes and show gratitude to their ancestral spirits for brighter future. One can see the Manaw Dance. The participants are invited and served with meals and drinks which include beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, wild boar, rice and rice wine.

Naga New Year festival (Leshi, north-west of Myanmar): Naga is one of official ethnic groups in Myanmar. The Naga is celebrated in the second week of Jan and lasts two days. The visitors can see the difference Naga tribes traditional costumes, dances, music, bonfires, stage show and sport competitions during the festival. You will be surprise by seeing Naga traditional costumes and dances. The Naga tribe New Year festival will give you full of surprise.

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda festival (Thanlyn): The festival takes place for one week, another side of Yangon across the Bago river.
Chin State festival: It is held on Chin national day, 20 Feb in different places in Chin State. Some people hold their traditional ceremony including playing sports, dancing, drinking and fire working. One can visit this festival in central and southern Chin state, Mindat region. It is one of the best places to explore some of Chin sub-tribes such as Munn, Makan and Dine tribes with tattoo faces.

Shwedagon Pagoda festival (Yangon): Is always held in the last month of Myanmar calendar and the pagoda platform is very crowd with the pilgrims. Local food and products are sold in many stalls at the foot of the hillock.

Pindaya golden Cave pagoda festival (Pindaya): It starts 7 days before the full moon day of March and the temporary pagoda market is set up near the Cave. You will see the Shan tribes near by the region such as Paos, Palaung, Taungyoh, Danu, in their traditional costumes.
Kakku pagoda festival (southern Shan State): It is also held on the full moon day of March and like the other Pagodas festival, the Pagoda market is set up and the villagers around celebrate the festival.

Thingyan festival or Myanmar New Year festival or Water-throwing festival (nation-wide)
Thingyan festival is known as water festival and it is held through out the country three or four days. Everyone is happy on those days and that month. Throwing water to each other is the symbolic of cleaning the sins from the old year. Singing and dancing on the decorated Thingyan pavilion, from which the people throw water to the people passing by, can be seen everywhere in towns and cities.

The following day after the festival is New Year Day. It falls on every second week of April. Thingyan festival is for both religious purpose and pleasure. As a meritorious deed during the festival, some go to the meditation centre or monasteries to take Sabbath. Some youngsters shampoo to the old people and pay homage to them. Moreover there is a custom in Myanmar to buy some live fish and let them loose in the rivers or lakes or in the sanctuaries.

The visitors can get such wonderful experience during the festival. It is so exciting to celebrate.
Popa Nat or spirit festival: It is held on the full moon day of April. Large numbers of worshippers who believe in spirits pay respect to the spirit (Nat) at their shrines on the top of the Mt. Popa. Nat or Spirit festival can be seen often in Myanmar. Although Buddhism had been introduced, many Buddhists also believe in Nat (spirit).

80000 pagoda festival (Mrauk Oo): The festival is held on full moon day of Kason, the 2nd month in Myanmar calendar, usually falls in May. It lasts for 8 days. The visitors can watch the dummy boat races as well as the traditional wrestling during festival.

The Waso festival (nation-wide): It is held on the full moon day of the 4th of Myanmar month,Waso and it is the first day of Buddhist Lent. The monks are not aloud to overnight the other monastery three months after that day according to the disciplines of monk. The essential things for the monk are donated to the monks or monasteries. Such ceremonies are celebrated in everywhere around Myanmar.

Taung Pyone Spirit festival (Mandalay): It is the biggest Nat festival in Myanmar. Taung Pyone is the name of the place where the festival is held. It is one hour drive north of Mandalay. It is a must for the worshippers to pay homage to the spirits. If not, it is believed that the believers will experience with bad luck. The festival is so crowed with the people.

Elephant Dance festival (Kyaukse, Mandalay division): The life size of elephants are made of bamboo frames and paper. Two men get inside of the hollow elephant and move like lively elephant and dance with the traditional music. They compete for the best performance and for the most beautiful decorated elephant. The festival is crowed with the local people from the region.

Shwe Zi Gon pagoda festival (Bagan): The most venerate Pagoda in Bagan and festival is held annually held in Oct and lasts 23 days.
Phaung Taw Oo pagoda festival (Inle): 19 days long festival is held annually on Oct. During the festival, the Buddha images are carried on the royal barge from village to village where the images are set for overnight. This religious occasion draws the participants and celebrants to witness not only the royal procession, but also the leg rowing Intha’s boat race.

Light festival (nation-wide): It is one of the religious festivals and celebrated on full moon day of 7th month of Myanmar calendar. During the festival, people celebrate the night various kinds of lights. Homes, Buildings and streets are illuminated.

Hot air balloon festival (Taung Gyi, Shan State): It is held on full moon day of 8th Myanmar month. The festival is known as hot balloon festival because of the balloon competition. The visitors can enjoy the hot air balloon with fireworks and firecrackers, competing over how beautiful their fireworks are and the altitude they reach. The balloons are hand-made of papers in different shapes of form, birds, fish, hen, duck, etc.

Golden Rock festival: Golden Rock

Public Holidays in 2012
Jan 4
Feb 12
Mar 2
Mar 27
April 12 to 21
May 1
July 19
July 3
Dec 25
: Independence Day
: Union Day
: Peasant’s Day
: Army force Day
: Myanmar New Year Days
: Worker’s Day
: Martyr’s Day
: Waso full moon Day, first day of Buddhist Lent
: Eid
: Thadinkyut full moon Day, the last day of Buddhist Lent
: Diwali
: full moon day of Tazaungmone
: Christmas Day
: Kayin New Year Day

The State Days
Kayin State day
Kachin State day
Kayah State day
Shan State day
Chin State day
Rakhine State day
Mon State day
: 3 Jan
: 10 Jan
: 15 Jan
: 3 Feb
: 20 Feb
: 22 Feb
: 19 March


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