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Myanmar Cuisine

Rice is served with main dishes such as chicken, pork, beef and fish curry and side dishes such as vegetables fried, raw or baked vegetable salad and vegetables soup. Burmese foods are not as too spicy as Indian food and not as hot as Thailand food.

A salad is normally combined with onion, roasted bean powder, salt and oil. Long bean salad, egg-plant salad, tomato salad, ginger salad and tea leaf salad are very common in the Burmese kitchen.

Soup is mostly cooked with vegetables. Some taste sweet such as soup cooked any kind of bean. Tamarind leaves soup, rosella leaves soup and mixed vegetables soup with tamarind paste are usually cooked for sour taste.

Traditional Burmese breakfast is fried rice with boiled bean. But in the cities breakfast can be all sort of food at the tea shop or at the restaurant where you can get noodle salad, fried noodle or rice, boiled sticky rice with boiled bean or baked dry fish, different kind of Burmese and Indian snacks. A pot of tea is always stood by at the dinning table. It is free in the tea house and restaurant!!

Typical Burmese noodle soup called Mohingar and Ohnnoe Kauk Swè ( coconut milk noodle soup)are favourite breakfast in Yangon and in some cities.

Fruits and Vegetables
You will see the plenty of fruits and vegetables during your trips, at the markets, at the street vendors. Myanmar people consume more vegetables and less meat.

Mango, orange, banana, papaya, apple, pine-apple, watermelon, sweet-melon, grapefruit, jackfruit, guava, durian, mingousten and others fruits are fresh and still kept it original taste. Don't miss to taste them when you are in myanmar, you will find out the different


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