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Important Travel Information

Travel insurance
We strongly recommend the travellers to buy the good travel insurance for Myanmar. In case of flight cancellation, tour cancellation, serious health problem, loosing Passport or your personal things during your travel, the travel insurance will provide you with financial help.

Credit Card
Currently credit card and visa are not accepted in Myanmar except some big hotel and souvenir shops. The charge will be 3% to 10% depends on the places. Traveller cheques are not accepted in Myanmar too.

We advise you to bring US$ or Euro in cash for your travel accommodation, shopping and dining expense. You can also change the Euro into local currency in the exchange market.

Local Currency
It is called Kyat, 5000 Ks( newly produced), 1000Ks, 500Ks,200Ks,100Ks,50ks, etc…1$ is equal to around 1000Ks. The exchange rate is fluctuated.
There are no ATM machines in Myanmar.

What to wear?
The weather is quite warm all year around and the humidity level is high in Myanmar. The best is to wear light cotton clothes. Jeans are not problem to wear but not very tight one. In some areas like Inle, you will need the light jacket or pullover and you will need warm cloths especially in the high mountain regions if it is on your tour program.

Note: Short, mini skirts and wide-open blouse are not aloud to wear at the most venerated Pagodas. The visitors are not expected to wear revealing shorts. Clothing should cover the shoulders and legs.

Wherever and whenever you visit the Pagodas in Myanmar, wearing shoes are forbidden. You have to take off your shoes very often during your travel and the best is to bring the sandals with you. It is suitable even for the light trekking in Myanmar.

What to bring?
You should not forget to bring these things; mosquito spray, torchlight, sandals, light jacket, pullover, raincoat and electrical multi adaptor in case of different socket. On the other hand, you can buy things you need in Myanmar easily and the prices are much cheaper than your country because of lower tax in Myanmar.

Taking anti-malaria tablets are not necessary unless you are travelling to the very remote area. There is international SOS clinic in Yangon in case of emergency medical service.

International SOS Clinic
37, Kaba-Aye pagoda Road, Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon
Ph: (+95-1) 667 875,667 877
Email: intl.sos@mptmail.net.mm

Diarrhoea and influenza are very common sickness and bring tablets for those sicknesses.

We advise not to drink tapped water and to drink only bottled water. When you enter your hotel after your sightseeing in the hot sunshine, you should wash your foots or take a shower at least after 10 or 15 minutes.

Many different kinds of drinks (soft drinks, alcoholic drinks) are available at the restaurants in Myanmar and can buy freely at the stores, hotels and restaurants. Don’t worry for that.

Internet is available in the cities in Myanmar but some public mail doesn’t work in Myanmar because some websites are banned. You can use Internet at the cyber café in the major cities or at your hotel.

Lap top, Mobile and Ph Call
You can bring your lap top and mobile with you. You have no problem at the airport. But Myanmar doesn’t have international roaming system and your mobile won’t work in Myanmar.

You can call to your country directly but it is expensive, 3 to 7$ per minutes. It depends on places!

Myanmar is very rich with the art and it is a good shopping place. The prices are very reasonable and most things are cheaper than the other countries. The price for the souvenirs in tourism area and the street vendors are negotiable, not in the local shopping mall, stores and restaurants.

Tipping is wildly practised in tourism, big restaurants and hotels.

At departure
Airport tax is 10 $ per person.
If you bought anything of value like jewellery or antique, get an official purchase certificate from the shop, this will prevent at the airport if you are controlled.


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