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Visa Information

Your passport must be valid at least 6 months after your arrival date in Myanmar. Apply to the Myanmar embassy in your country with your passport, two visa application forms, arrival form and three passport size photos which must be attached on each paper.

Download visa form & arrival report form here.

Tourist visa
Duration of stay: 28 days extendable in addition of 64 days.
Valid: 3 months after the date of emission.
Fee: 25 Euro in Europe but can be difference depend on the country.

Business visa
Duration of stay: 70 days extendable up to 12 months.
Valid: 3 months after the date of emission.
Fee: 35 Euro for single entry or 160 Euro for multiple-entry in Europe.

Note: In case of over stay, the charge is 3 $ per day at the airport. Your visa can be obtained at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok if you travel via Bangkok. It takes one or two days to get the visa.

On-Arrival Visa
An authorized travel and tour company can obtain the visa on arrival for their clients if they don’t get the visa from the Myanmar embassy in their own country.

If you can get the Myanmar visa in your country, it is simple and the best because the government can reject the visa on arrival and will not provide any reason as most country in the world. And the delay of the visa can be 3 weeks minimum.

Fill the form here for visa on arrival and sent it us via Internet or Fax. Your answer may be approved or denied or delay.

Online visa
Online visa is supposed to start in the beginning of April 2012. It is need to do four steps as below.
1.Filling the form.
3.You will receive the comfirmation letter after 2 (or) 3 days.
4. You will get visa sticker at the airport.
Go to the website here : www.myanmarevisa.gov.mm


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